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By Arturo Vargas, Chief Executive Officer, NALEO and NALEO Educational Fund

As early voting numbers roll in from across the country, it is becoming evident that voters are showing up in far higher numbers than they did four years ago, and Latinos are helping to drive this turnout. Unfortunately, the catalyst behind this record Latino turnout is quite literally a matter of life and death: COVID-19 or la corona. How candidates up and down the ballot address this public health crisis which has disproportionately devastated Latino families will affect how and for whom Latinos cast our votes.

In the nine weeks leading up to Election Day, NALEO Educational Fund and Latino Decisions have conducted weekly surveys of 400 Latino registered voters on election-related issues ranging from likelihood to vote, candidate preference, and priority issues, to current developments, including the Presidential debates and the controversy over the U.S. Supreme Court vacancy. …

We are perilously close to a failed 2020 Census, the impact of which would be felt for the next decade and beyond

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We might have a failed census on our hands.

From the Trump Administration’s last-minute political appointments to the Census Bureau to their rushing the count, our democracy is in crisis. This is why every resident, regardless of what happens, must still respond to the census before the Bureau ends the count by September 30, or perhaps later if the courts so determine.

The census is a constitutionally mandated event that occurs every 10 years. It is the tool through which the government decides how to disburse over $1.5 trillion in federal funds and determine congressional representation. These decisions create ripple effects that are felt throughout public life — all stemming from census data — which, if inaccurate, will lead to a decade of imbalance. …

The LGBTQ+ Community Counts During Pride. Let’s Make Sure We Count All Year-Round By Participating in the 2020 Census

Adán Chávez is the Deputy Director of National Census Program at NALEO Educational Fund
Adán Chávez is the Deputy Director of National Census Program at NALEO Educational Fund
Adán Chávez is the Deputy Director of the National Census Program at NALEO Educational Fund.

I was raised in California’s Inland Empire: home to a growing and thriving Latino community. Growing up the proud son of Mexican immigrants and grandson of a Bracero, coming out as a queer Latino added a layer of difficulty in accessing the same opportunities that were already made challenging for my community. …


NALEO Educational Fund

The nation’s leading nonpartisan organization that facilitates full Latino participation in the American political process, from citizenship to public service.

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